December 30, 2009


Poor little Sam has been sick for over 3 weeks now. He started with a bad cough with wheezing. They told us originally it was probably RSV and/or Bronchialitus!! I mean YUCK right?!! RSV is a scary thing for babies! His O2 stats were lower in the beginning but came up with breathing treatments to Thanks the Lord he did not have to be hospitalized!! We have been doing the breathing treatments since and he is still on and off wheezing and still coughing a lot! He also recently has had an ear infection! He started an antibiotic over 6 days ago and it didn't work so we started round #2 of a stronger antibiotic yesterday!! He has really been struggling off and on lately and has not been feeling, sleeping or eating well!! PLease Please Please pray my little man! They said that the RSV/Bronch can take up to 8 weeks to go away! Hopefully the ear ache will be on its way out the door soon!! Please pray for better health and wellness for my little Sam!!

December 28, 2009

Ready for 2010!!

Christmas is done, Santa is gone and the presents all unwrapped!! Our Christmas was wonderful!! We were SO blessed!! The boys were spoiled by Santa, us and our loving family!! The boys got a trampoline from us, frogs... yes real live frogs (they are sooo cute!), new ipods, movies, lots of toys and Jake was super excited to have gotten a skateboard!! Jeremy and I were also very spoiled and we are so grateful!!

So now that the holiday season is pretty much over we have 2010 to look forward too!! I already miss the Christmas music, the shopping, the wrapping, the excitement and anticipation and even the chaos! I am a little sad and can't believe 2009 has come and gone!! It was a wonderful year! I sit here and reflect on this past year and think of all the ways God blessed me and my family! We are all a full year older, we had many fun family adventures and outings, my Dad was officially declared CURED from Cancer and we welcomed sweet baby Sam into our family!! The only unfortunate and sad thing that happened this past July was losing my Grandmother. She was such a loving and kind woman and an awesome Grandma! She made the best food and always knew how to make me laugh! I miss her terribly but know now that she is with the Lord and is finally walking hand in hand with my Grandpa!!

2010 is going to be an even greater year! I plan to make the best of everyday and to enjoy each and every second of my growing, thriving and entertaining boys! I look forward to growing closer to God and even closer with my husband! He is truly amazing and I THANK God so much for him! He is gracious, kind, helpful, loving, supportive and all around GREAT! We make a great team and I can't wait to see what this next ear will bring for us! I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas as well and I wish you all a very Happy, Safe and Blessed New Year!! May the Lord bless you all and Keep you! Until next time....

Dear God,
Thank you so much for all of the blessing you pour over me everyday! For my family, my friends, the roof over our head, for our health and well being! I thank you for the love you give me and for the love you supply me to give to others. I pray that You will continue to bless me, my friends and family and I pray that You will watch over us and keep us safe! And most importantly, I thank You for your son, Jesus Christ. For giving Him life and for sacrificing Him for us! I praise, love and worship you. Amen.

Link to view our pictures from Christmas....

December 20, 2009

Oblivious to Christ...

So this time of year is my absolute favorite time of year!!! The season, the festivities, the music, the shopping...yes the shopping, the special time with family and friends, the lights, Christmas trees, decorations...EVERYTHING! But the one thing I appreciate and love the most is Jesus! We get so wrapped up in some many things this time of year I think we tend to forget what this time of year is really about... The birth of Christ! The Lord has blessed me and my family beyond belief this year and we are so THANKFUL!! So tonight I want to take the time to say THANK YOU LORD for everything you have given me. For giving us your son, Jesus Christ; for his birth and his death. All for us!!

With the New Year ~2010~ right around the corner I have many many many things to look forward too! I plan to grow in my faith, my commitment, my love and in worship! I plan to appreciate more and complain a little less! I plan to show my husband how much he really means to me, how much I really appreciate him and how much I truly love him! I plan to be a stronger mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and christian! I plan to have more confidence and less fear!! I plan to live this next year by the minute and for the minute! To spend as much time with the ones I love and truly cherish that time!!

Dear God,
Thank you for all you give me! Thank you for my family, for our health and safety and for your Son, Jesus Christ! I praise, love and worship you. In Jesus name I pray~Amen


December 18, 2009


Well, it has been a LONG time since I blogged and I have no excuses...except since my last blog I had a baby, went through a summer home with three kids..... wait I said NO excuses! Hahaha! What is funny about the fact that I haven't blogged in over 7 months is that I think it is so annoying when people do this exact same thing! Start a blog and never update it. I mean whats the point really... well the more I think about it, what really is the point in a family blog period?!! Does anyone really care enough about us to listen to me rant and rave about us and our little life?!! So I thought...delete the blog or keep going with it and really TRY and keep up with it. I mean things have slowed down a little since Sam is older and the other boys are in school! So here it goes... I am going to keep it. Even if it just gives me a chance to jot down my thoughts or things i just want to share with you (whoever you may be :))!

So blog #1 in my blog revolution...

It is officially December! The 18th to be exact... 7 days until CHRISTMAS!!! The last time I blogged was April-posting my maternity pictures and talking about spring break and the excitement and anticipation of little Sam! Well, it is now Winter/Christmas break and Sam is here and is almost SEVEN months old!!!!! He came into the world Wednesday May 20th! He was born full term but did stay in the NICU for 9 days! Let me just tell you- living through the NICU once was hard (with Dylan) but twice....OUCH!!! It was the hardest thing I had to do!! As soon as he was born and I saw the O2 get pulled over his little face I just closed my eyes and prayed.... prayed and cried...prayed and cried!!!! I really didn't want to have yet another baby in the NICU but it was God's will. He had other plans for sweet Sam and other plans for me! He knew we were strong enough as husband and wife, strong enough as parents and strong enough in our faith and trust in Him to handle it so he gave us the challenge! Sam did well and came home on the 9th day of his little life! While there I prayed over him every minute I was with him. We would rock and sing and pray and just talk to God. I will never forget on the 7th day when I sat with him, rocked and fed him a bird flew up the his 3rd floor window and sat on the tiny ledge and just watched us. I knew that was a sign. Even the nurse said she had never seen this happen before. When I left the NICU for that night I put my hand on his little body and just prayed to God and asked Him to please give Sam the air & oxygen he needed to breathe well and to keep his O2 stats up! Needless to say when I came in first thing in the morning the tubes were gone!!! He was breathing all on his own! He kept it up and came home the next morning!!!!!!!

Since then Sam has been perfect!! He fits perfectly into our family. Jacob and Dylan love him so much and are such good big brothers! They play with him and love to make him laugh. When he is upset they tend to him and try to make him feel better! These days they are the three amigos! Sam watches them play and wants so badly to go after them... which will happen soon enough!

On another note... since my last blog the older boys have both had birthdays. Jacob turned 6 and Dylan 4! We have also gone through another baseball season! This was Dylan's first season at T-ball and he loved it! We plan on playing again in the Spring!!! Jacob is now in first grade and is learning more everyday! He is so smart! He loves Math and is very good at it! Dylan is in 4 day 3 year old class! He has lots of friends and talks about his "girlfriend" Hailey a lot!

Well, that will be it for now!! God continues to bless us everyday and we continue to thank, love, worship and praise Him! I will update SOON I promise!!! Here are some pictures from the last few months!! Love you all! ~R

Jake's 6th Birthday