December 30, 2009


Poor little Sam has been sick for over 3 weeks now. He started with a bad cough with wheezing. They told us originally it was probably RSV and/or Bronchialitus!! I mean YUCK right?!! RSV is a scary thing for babies! His O2 stats were lower in the beginning but came up with breathing treatments to Thanks the Lord he did not have to be hospitalized!! We have been doing the breathing treatments since and he is still on and off wheezing and still coughing a lot! He also recently has had an ear infection! He started an antibiotic over 6 days ago and it didn't work so we started round #2 of a stronger antibiotic yesterday!! He has really been struggling off and on lately and has not been feeling, sleeping or eating well!! PLease Please Please pray my little man! They said that the RSV/Bronch can take up to 8 weeks to go away! Hopefully the ear ache will be on its way out the door soon!! Please pray for better health and wellness for my little Sam!!

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