May 6, 2010

Being a Mom!

With Mother's Day around the corner I have been reflecting on what it really means to be a Mom... what being a Mom has done to for mothering and raising our three boys makes me feel!  First of all there is no greater joy in life than being a Mom.  I am so thankful to God for choosing me to be a Mom.  And for blessing me with the three unique and beautiful boys that He did.  They bring so much happiness, joy, adventure, sunshine, tears & love to my life.  I love being responsible for everything they do, everything they are and everything they are becoming.  Although God is in charge, I know we do have a large part in shaping their every being!  We try our best to be sure that they know God, trust God and love God!  We know one day we will watch over them in their lives and be proud of every decision we made.  We have faith that they will allow God to lead their lives as well and will be strong in their faith and relationship with Christ.  And just when I think my heart can't grow anymore one of them smiles, or laughs or gives me a sweet hug and it grows!  It grows and it fills with love.  Just today Dylan tells me... "Mom, I like that shirt (it was a dress but still...) and it just melted my heart!  It is the small everyday things that make being a Mom so great!  I think I was meant to be a Mom and I am thankful God trusted in me to shape His little beings into one day strong, independent Christian men!

The boys as I was writing this....