April 29, 2010

Recent pictures!

So there is this famous building in Dallas, GA that has beautiful doors!  It is well known in the photography world!  My BF and I decided to take our kids over there and check it out!  Heres what I got!

April 15, 2010

We made magic!!!

SO our Disney trip has come and gone!!  What an amazing and memorable trip it was!!  We had a blast!  We went Saturday to Saturday and still could have used a few more days to really do everything we wanted!  We arrived Sunday to an awesome two bedroom place at an awesome resort!  The first night we even enjoyed the fireworks over the castle at MK right from our balcony!  That made for a great start to the week!! The next morning was Easter Sunday!  CHRIST had risen!  The Easter Bunny came and left their baskets full of goodies and some eggs hidden in our room!  That day we started our trip by chilling a little more; we spent some time at the pool and leisurely went back and forth to Magic Kingdom!  Well...we learned our lesson quick!  If you want to really see and do at Magic Kingdom or any of the parks really you have to be the early bird to "get the worm" or fast pass I should say!! So after Sunday and Monday half days at Magic Kingdom and a half day at Epcot we hit it hard after that!  We did a full day at Hollywood Studios on Wednesday and what a great day!  We had breakfast with the characters from Playhouse Disney- JoJo and Goliath from JoJo's Circus & Leo and June from Little Einsteins!  We all really enjoyed that!  That day also involved Star Wars Jedi training for Jacob and Dylan which was a huge highlight for them, Toy Story Mania ride which was cool, lots of Disney's Pixar movie characters and lots of pictures and autographs from Mickey, Mr. Incredible, the characters from Up and many more!!  Thursday we decided we needed another "early" full day at Magic Kingdom to finish off the park!  And boy did we ever finish the park!  By Friday when we hit our last stop, The Animal Kingdom, we were exhausted!!  By this point Ryan and Dad had gotten a virus and were at the hotel sick while the rest of us dragged through Animal Kingdom.  The highlight of that day were the animal safari which we did twice in a row and the Lion King show!!  We were so tired we were happy to be leaving there by 3:00 or so! The rest of our last day we spent swimming, having a final dinner with Mickey, Minnie and their friends and a movie, Finding Nemo, on the lawn of the resort under the stars! One other highlight from our trip was Tuesday night seeing the night time parade with the fireworks show in front of the castle which was AWESOME!! And Another huge highlight of our trip was a two night visit from Aunt Tess and Grandma!!!!!  They drove two hours to come and spend time with us!!  Grandma was a trooper and made it through Epcot and Hollywood Studios.  We rented her a cart which helped her (and the boys :)) from lots of walking...as well as getting us into a few rides quicker!!  LOL!! Sam was also a trooper and spent many long hours in his stroller without ever a complaint!  He did a lot of snoozing in the stroller and not so much in the pack and play! The enitre week was such a wonderful experience that we are all so grateful for!! God blessed us tremendously the entire week with beautiful weather and wonderful adventures! It was a trip I know we will all always remember!  We plan to go again in the future and can't wait to make some more family memories in the most magical place on earth!!

It was hard to pick and choose which pictures to post so here are a few that show some things I referenced in my post!

                                                                    Easter Morning!

Chip & Dale were at our resort Easter Morning!

Waiting for the parade and fireworks show!

The boys with Grandma and her cart!

At our breakfast @ Hollywood Studios!

The boys in their Jedi Training!

On the animal safari at Animal Kingdom!

The boys waiting for the monorail that we rode everyday to get around!

The view of the monorail and the castle from our room!

To see the rest of the pictures from our trip go to...


April 1, 2010

I mean really?!!

So we are due to leave for Disney the day after tomorrow!!!  So exciting!!  Whats not exciting is that we are all, or almost all getting sick!!  I had a horrible stomach bug with fever all day yesterday!  I was SO sick!  And today (Thursday) Sam and Dylan are running fevers!!  If it is what I had then it is only a 24 hour thing so they should be good by tomorrow but what about Jacob and Jeremy and even my Mom who was over today helping!!  Yikes!!  I really hope they all don't get it on our departure day or there even!!!!!!!!  Please pray for us all-that we all get well for the trip and that no on else gets sick on or before our trip!!!!!  And of course I will post pics and an update after our trip!  Thanks!  -R