December 18, 2009


Well, it has been a LONG time since I blogged and I have no excuses...except since my last blog I had a baby, went through a summer home with three kids..... wait I said NO excuses! Hahaha! What is funny about the fact that I haven't blogged in over 7 months is that I think it is so annoying when people do this exact same thing! Start a blog and never update it. I mean whats the point really... well the more I think about it, what really is the point in a family blog period?!! Does anyone really care enough about us to listen to me rant and rave about us and our little life?!! So I thought...delete the blog or keep going with it and really TRY and keep up with it. I mean things have slowed down a little since Sam is older and the other boys are in school! So here it goes... I am going to keep it. Even if it just gives me a chance to jot down my thoughts or things i just want to share with you (whoever you may be :))!

So blog #1 in my blog revolution...

It is officially December! The 18th to be exact... 7 days until CHRISTMAS!!! The last time I blogged was April-posting my maternity pictures and talking about spring break and the excitement and anticipation of little Sam! Well, it is now Winter/Christmas break and Sam is here and is almost SEVEN months old!!!!! He came into the world Wednesday May 20th! He was born full term but did stay in the NICU for 9 days! Let me just tell you- living through the NICU once was hard (with Dylan) but twice....OUCH!!! It was the hardest thing I had to do!! As soon as he was born and I saw the O2 get pulled over his little face I just closed my eyes and prayed.... prayed and cried...prayed and cried!!!! I really didn't want to have yet another baby in the NICU but it was God's will. He had other plans for sweet Sam and other plans for me! He knew we were strong enough as husband and wife, strong enough as parents and strong enough in our faith and trust in Him to handle it so he gave us the challenge! Sam did well and came home on the 9th day of his little life! While there I prayed over him every minute I was with him. We would rock and sing and pray and just talk to God. I will never forget on the 7th day when I sat with him, rocked and fed him a bird flew up the his 3rd floor window and sat on the tiny ledge and just watched us. I knew that was a sign. Even the nurse said she had never seen this happen before. When I left the NICU for that night I put my hand on his little body and just prayed to God and asked Him to please give Sam the air & oxygen he needed to breathe well and to keep his O2 stats up! Needless to say when I came in first thing in the morning the tubes were gone!!! He was breathing all on his own! He kept it up and came home the next morning!!!!!!!

Since then Sam has been perfect!! He fits perfectly into our family. Jacob and Dylan love him so much and are such good big brothers! They play with him and love to make him laugh. When he is upset they tend to him and try to make him feel better! These days they are the three amigos! Sam watches them play and wants so badly to go after them... which will happen soon enough!

On another note... since my last blog the older boys have both had birthdays. Jacob turned 6 and Dylan 4! We have also gone through another baseball season! This was Dylan's first season at T-ball and he loved it! We plan on playing again in the Spring!!! Jacob is now in first grade and is learning more everyday! He is so smart! He loves Math and is very good at it! Dylan is in 4 day 3 year old class! He has lots of friends and talks about his "girlfriend" Hailey a lot!

Well, that will be it for now!! God continues to bless us everyday and we continue to thank, love, worship and praise Him! I will update SOON I promise!!! Here are some pictures from the last few months!! Love you all! ~R

Jake's 6th Birthday


  1. I love blogs and enjoyed reading about your sweet family. Your boys are precious and you and Jeremy have been so blessed. I pray that you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have also added your other request about your business adventure to my list. God Bless.
    Ashley Peters and Family