March 30, 2009

Sam's 3D/4D sonogram!!

So we had our sonogram yesterday (Sunday) and it went great!!!!  We got some great shots of Sam's sweet face, his hands, feet, a major confirmation that he was a boy & she even showed us most of his major internal organs which was way cool and reassuring!!  He did start moving a lot about half way through which then gave the sonographer quite the adventure chasing him around! He ended up (at the end thank goodness) turning towards my spine which then made it nearly impossible for her to get any shots!  I do have to say it was so neat to feel him squirming like always but then to see it happen with my own eyes on a screen!!  It was definitely a blessing to use the technology of today to put a face to a name and a feeling :)  Below are some of the best pics we got!  And I will post a couple from my camera in a bit!

Sam's 3D sonogram pics!

March 28, 2009

What's going on with us...

So just a little blog to tell you what we are all up to...

As most of you probably know I am 30 weeks pregnant with our third boy, Sam.  I went to the Dr. yesterday for my usual check up which went well.  I now go every two weeks for the next 3 appt.'s and then weekly!  I have scheduled my c-section for May 26th which is only 8 weeks away!!!    We are all getting very excited but at the same time I am trying to remember to really enjoy my pregnancy! I don't want to be too excited to get him out  because this may be the last time I get to enjoy feeling a new life inside me, the last time I may get to shield another from any other outside things!  It is all so exciting yet sad at the same time.  Everyone keeps asking.. "So, are you done yet" and to be totally honest... I don't think either of us know yet!  We originally said YES we are done but we are both still young and have a few years of birthing (for me) and parenting ahead if us.  But at the same time we have been blessed with three (well two born so far) healthy blessings from God- do we really need anymore.  And yes we would LOVE to add a little girl to our family but we are not guaranteed that.  And as happy as I would be to have a fourth boy- we have three already!  I just don't know!  I guess what is God's will will happen for us.  We leave it in his hands!  I have a 3D/4D sonogram scheduled for tomorrow so look for pics to be posted!!

On another note- we just celebrated a wonderful moment in our lives!  My Dad is officially cured from cancer!  It has been 5 years since he was diagnosed and finished his treatments.  He got the official word from the Dr. on the 19th!  They said he has a less than 7% chance of tonsil cancer recurring!!  We celebrated this with a party with our friends and family on Saturday the 21st! See pics...

For the boys- Jake has started another season of baseball and is still loving it!  He is getting really good.  Jeremy is his Head Coach and I am team Mom so we all make a great team!!  Dylan really enjoys playing as well.  He helps Daddy with the practices and can play really well too!  He will start in the Fall!  We have a couple fun family day fundraisers coming up which should be fun!  We have Braves Day on May 3rd where the boys will get to walk the field before the game with the team. And Family Fun Day is a carnival at the park with lots of fun activities!  Another fun things the boys enjoy is choir at church!  They have been in it for almost a year now and have a spring concert coming up in April!  We go every Wednesday night and enjoy a fellowship meal and while the boys enjoy choir we (or I) enjoy some quiet time reading the bible or reflecting.  We look forward to the warm weather ahead and of course many days and events outdoors!!

March 24, 2009

"I'm Thankful Each Day!" -P. K. Hallinan

So I have a favorite children's book that I wanted to share... It is "I's Thankful Each Day!" by P. K. Hallinan.  It is short but so sweet and true!  How we should all live our lives...

"I'm thankful each day for the blessings I see,
 And for all of the gifts that God's given to me.
And counting the stars at the edge of the sea, 
I can't help but feel they put there for me.
I'm thankful for summers and warm golden days.
I'm thankful for autumns of orange pumpkin haze.
I'm thankful for meadows and bright colored flowers.
I'm thankful for raindrops and soft sumer showers.
Each sunset is special... Each sunrise is new.
Each breeze in the trees is a promise come true.
Each evening's a wonder where beauty abounds.
Each morning's a harvest of new sights and sounds.
And it's nice just to know that beneath winter's snow,
the blossoms of springtime are beginning to grow.
I'm thankful for friends, for laughing and sharing...
I'm thankful for family, for loving and caring.
I'm thankful for all the kindness I see.
I'm thankful for peace and for pure harmony. 
My body's a present of perfect design...
My mind is a power as endless as time.
And if I ever worry that trouble is near, 
I always remember I've nothing to fear...
For each hour is laden with God's perfect love.
Each second brings comfort and joy from above.
And I guess in the end the best thing to say is...
I'm thankful for living...
I'm THANKFUL each day!



So I originally started with an entire family website that I created about a year ago on my Mac but needless to say I didn't keep it up!  Doing an entire website versus a simple family blog is way too intense and crazy!  So here we go...I am joining the many of you who have already done this and creating a blog to keep everyone up to date on our family life!  I really enjoy checking other friends blogs and thought others may enjoy mine!  As you all may know we are soon expecting another addition to our family.  His name is Samuel John Albert "Sam".  His name has a lot of meaning behind it- it represents two very important people in our lives.  Samuel was Jeremy's "PawPaw" who he was very close to and who passed away in June of '04 and John Albert was my Grandfather who I lost at a younger age but will always remember.  Sam is due to arrive my scheduled c-section on Tuesday, May 26th.  We are all very excited and have decided with all these boys to tackle we might as well work on an entire baseball team :)!!  HAHAHA!!  More about the fam to come....  Stay Tuned!