September 15, 2011

Fall, Football & our busy lives...

So fall is here!!!!!  I could not be more excited for this beautiful season!  The weather is definitely making its changes!  We are in the 4th week of school!  It's going great and the morning groans about getting up & the nightly homework battles are in full swing!  Sam started his 2nd year in preschool and is loving it!  He get so excited to go to school every morning!  He goes three days a week!  Jacob's 2nd season of football has started.  His first game is this coming Saturday!!  He is on the Volunteers!!  His skills have improved even more and we are looking forward to sitting on the side lines and cheering him and his team on!  Martial Arts is going great as well!  They go about twice a week!  Jacob has his first belt test tomorrow and will move up to a yellow belt upon completion of this belt test!  He is SO excited about this!  Dylan should have his first belt test in the next few weeks!  Church activities on Wednesday evenings are also back in swing!  Jacob's annual Fall campout with Daddy is in a few short weeks.  This time last year left Dylan pretty heart broken that he couldn't participate, so this year Daddy is taking a weekend before their camping trip to take just Dylan camping!  This will be Dylan's first time actually camping and he is thrilled!!!  They are going to Red Top Mountain in two weeks! College football has started and my phone goes crazy every Saturday telling me scores and highlights of the games!  That is about how I get to watch games these days because even if we are home on a Saturday my house is so crazy, busy & loud I can't really focus or watch any games! One of my other favorite things about fall is also right around the corner..... the FAIR!!!!!!!  We love the fair... everything about it!!  The crazy people, the rides.... the FOOD!!!  We typically go several times, even just to walk around!  To me nothing screams fall time more than the local fair!!  Sam is at such a fun age and will really get to enjoy it this year!!  Summer is now over 2 months old!!!  I can't even believe it has been 10 weeks since she entered this world!  She is such a blessing and wonderful addition to the family!  As to be expected she is SO easy going and is down for anything!  She just glides along with everything we have going on and is always a pretty happy baby! She sleeps 12+ hours a night now and takes great naps during the day!  She is smiling and cooing and filling my day with sunshine!  She is now fully bottle fed as she struggled too much with nursing!  This was a huge struggle for me as I love to nurse my babies and did the boys for a year!  I was devastated at first but have now learned how much easier bottle feeding is especially with our busy days!  We are on the go a lot!  She is weighing in at 12 lbs and is 23 1/2 inches tall! Big girl!  She had her first belly laugh the other day that was just so cute!!!  And today she woke with her first fever and took her first trip to the Urgent Care :-(  All is ok though!  We stay on the go a lot with  our weekly activities but we love it!  I have a hard time finding time for the simple things like laundry & grocery shopping but as long as were together who needs clean clothes and food right?!!  HA!  Until next time..... Enjoy pictures from the last few weeks!!

Sam's first day of 2 year preschool!

Football Kickoff Day!  Go Bucks!!!

9 weeks!

Summer at the cardiologist getting her EKG!

Summer's first belly laugh!

My boys!

They look a lot alike here!

Summer sick at the urgent care!