June 3, 2011

Family scare....

So before I move on to posting about Dylan & Sam I want to share an experience we had last night in our home!  It was pretty scary and by sharing I hope to convince those who don't have a detector in their home to get one asap!  A Carbon Monoxide detector that is....  Last night at about 3:30am our carbon monoxide detector alarm went off in the upstairs hallway.  After of course waking us up Jeremy got up to check our what it was.  After discovering it was the CO alarm we suspected it being faulty.  We changed the batteries and it was still telling us the levels were too high in the house.  We followed the instructions to place the detector outside in fresh air to see if it still alarms... obviously if it still alarms in fresh air its probably faulty. Well, it didn't.  The levels dropped to 0% and it stopped alarming.  Once brought back indoors the levels quickly rose again.  After this we called 911 and had the fire department out to check the levels with their machine.  About 10 minutes later they arrived and started scanning the house.  The scary part-YES we had a CO leak.  The levels were 20's-30's up where we were sleeping and were only getting higher all the way down to the garage where the levels reached the highest topping in the 70's.  High enough down there that the firemen told Jacob and I we couldn't even stand in the room.  They suspected the hot water tank.  They told me to get the kids out of the house asap and for Jeremy to completely open the house- all windows and to get all the fans we had and run them inside to air out the house!  By 5:00am the boys and I were at my parents while Jeremy stayed back to air out the house!  Needless to say if it were not for the alarm on our CO detector we may not have woken up in the morning.  Carbon monoxide poison is fatal and the thought of that is out right scary!  The Lord had His watch and protection over us and our home and we are forever grateful to Him!  And as of today are purchasing more than one more detector to spread through out the house!  I of course HIGHLY recommend if you do not have a carbon monoxide detector in your home you get on right away!  It could mean  life or death!

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