May 27, 2011


So i figured I would start my post with the latest on the oldest & biggest brother, Jacob!  I don't even remember the last time I posted anything going on with him so I will start with things that have going on lately.  This past year he really enjoyed 2nd grade and was very active in church & RA's!  RA's, aka Royal Ambassadors (for Christ), was a class at church on Wednesday nights.  He learned a lot about discipline, loyalty, & spreading the word about Christ.  Much like Cub Scouts they take two camping trips, have a Racer Derby and lots of other fun activities through the year!  As like the school year RA's recently ended with a rewards dinner!  Jacob received a Lad patch, pin and two bars with stars!  He was so proud!  As for school, another year has come and gone and Jake is now considered a big 3rd grader!  Can't believe it!!!!!!  Another recent event for Jake, very recent... literally happened last night, he lost his THIRD tooth!  The first one he got out on his own!  The first two he lost were to two front bottom that he had to get pulled at the dentist bc his adult teeth came in behind them.  We worked and worked for 45 minutes on the already loose tooth and it finally came out!!!  We were all pretty excited!!! The summer should bring lots of fun and challenges as Jacob will again be a big brother but to a sister!  He will EIGHT in a couple weeks and is having a fun party at Mountasia with some friends from his class at school!!!!  Below are some pictures of some of the events from the last few months!  I will post about his birthday and party after it happens!

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