January 7, 2010

House changes!!

So we are currently getting our house painted!! I feel so thankful and blessed to be able to hire someone else to do the dirty work for me! I hate painting and feel as if my husband, the handy man, has enough on his "fixer upper" plate to have to even bother with it! We got the wallpaper in our bathroom stripped (which apparently was quite an event since the old owners wallpapered under ours directly to the sheetrock) and then the room painted. We are also getting all the trim in the main part of the house painted and the kitchen done! We are hoping to not only paint the kitchen but to totally remodel it! If God answers my prayers we will be getting new cabinets and countertops soon!! I am SO excited!!!! Our kitchen is so outdated and in much need of a new dew!! I will post pics afterwards!!

On another note...we are expecting SNOW today!!! If the predictions are correct, which when are the ever??, then we may have 1-2 inches through out the day! The schools are already closing and letting out early. Crazy Ga folks don't know what real snow is. The boys are very excited and are hoping to at least build a snowman even if it is out of half snow half mudd :) Well, duties are calling me! I will post pics soon!!

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