January 13, 2010


So I have been thinking lately about some goals I want to set for me personally and for our family for this coming year. Most people have resolutions and I know goals are the same thing but I am going to treat them as goals and not resolutions. Our family life can get sorta chaotic at times and I would have to say it is not good for us. We need and enjoy our time at home together and sometimes I feel like we could use more of it. The boys are home-boddies and would probably be happy to stay home all the time. Everyday, several times a day sometimes, Jacob asks me... "Where are we going today?" and then gets happy when I say nowhere! One of my goals is to have more at home quiet family time. ANd when I say quiet, I want more time without NOISE...meaning TV, computer, video games, phones and other distracting things! The boys are already limited on video game time but I feel like we need to turn the TV off more. We started a family game night a while back but we don't always stick to it...and Jacob loves movie nights where we all get in our jammies, pop some popcorn, turn the lights out and just watch a movie. We always have dinner at the dinner table together and that is something I cherish. Something I plan to continue until the boys are grown and gone! It is important to Jeremy and I that we take that time to talk and share stories about our days! I am not going to lie, sometimes with three boys even that time can get chaotic & loud especially when everyone is really hungry which is why we are early eaters!! HAHA!! Another goal of mine is to have some more family devotion time together! We always pray at night together and talk about some things they learned in Bible Study on Sundays but I want God as a priority in our house. I want us to listen and learn what God has planned for our family this coming year. I want the boys to learn all they can and who better to teach them then us.

I also have some things I personally want to change and grow in. I want to try and keep my head clear and focused. I want to be stronger-inside and out. I want to become a Christian leader not a follower. I find it easy to speak about God and express my feelings on here but not always verbally. I personally want to speak to God in ways I never have before and learn what he has planned for me. I want to stand straighter, in two ways, in a literal sense I want to have better posture and in another I want to stand straight in the path of the Lord! I want to eat to live longer and live to eat better! I want to devote more time to just my husband. Our love & marriage is the foundation for our family and home and the stronger it is the better our home with be centered! I want to have more patience and better listening ears! I have been blessed with an amazing life And I want to make the best of it! Thank you Lord for all you have given me and for the plans you have for me and my family!

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  1. Oh Rachel~ I can't tell you how awesome that is! As His return is nearing, I wish more people shared your opinion!
    We (myself included) need to stand for Him, and do all that we can. It's one thing for me to type these feelings, but am I acting on them?!?