January 26, 2010

The boys and their horses...

So as some of you may know Dylan has a love for horses!! He has shown this passion since he was two, maybe even sooner. We have pursued this passion a couple times-first a ride around a ring at a friend's stable, 2nd a beautiful trail ride in Colorado and third an individual private lesson last July. This last one in July was his first real time riding by himself. He was taught several things about horses and caring for them. How to balance and ride properly. Since he enjoyed the lesson so much and being the age of only 3 we decided since that maybe he could continue maybe like 2-3 times a year. Well, its been six months and that passion, interest and love for horses is still strong. Today we are going for his second lesson and for Jacob's first. Jacob likes horses as well but does not have as much interest in it as Dyl-bug so this lesson is for Jake to try it out. If today goes as well as we are hoping and if it is in God's will then we may pursue this even further for Dylan. We may consider giving him private lessons once a week or every other week. You never know... he may show horses in a year :) Either way, please pray for them today as they ride and learn about one of God's beautiful creatures. Thanks!!!

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