June 23, 2011


So it took me long enough but if I want to get in done anytime soon I need to do it now!  The recent and upcoming for our second son, Dylan!  Like with Jacob's post I don't really remember when or what the last post was with any updates on him so I will go back a little.  First off last November he turned FIVE!!! He had a Halloween/costume party at our Stevi B's and had friends from school come eat and play wih him in their costumes! This past school year Dylan completed Pre-K! He loved it and learned SO much!  He has grown so much over this past school year!  He was also involved in church but wasn't quite old enough for RA's like Jacob so he did Choir and Mission Friends!  He had a couple concerts and and a Hymn sing! A couple months ago he had minor surgery as a follow up from a surgery following birth!  Everything went well with that and he has fully healed and doing great!  He recently graduated from Pre-k in a small ceremony at his school!  He was so proud as were Jeremy and I!  He is really excited about Kindergarten and riding the school bus starting in August!  Also recently we took Dylan to the Rheumatologist (bone dr.) to have his legs checked out.  He complains a lot about leg pain after any walking or strenuous activity.  He is very flat footed and pronated (knock kneed) so we figured this could be the culprit but wanted to confirm it wasn't more and to find out a solution! As we thought he is severely pronated and will be getting inserts into his shoes to help lift the inner foot and straighten his knees!  We also found out that he has Hyper Mobility.  Nothing major and sounds fancier than it actually is... basically meaning he is super flexible!  HAHA!  He over extends his joints which can cause injury and pain!  He loves to swim and being outdoors! Dylan has a very strong personality and is the loudest in the family!  He has been the "middle" child for the last two years and has made his voice heard and his presence known!  He is so bright, imaginative, creative and loving!  He is so affectionate and expressive!  He fills our days with laughter and also some frustration.  He has Mommy's patience or lack there of :) He loves being a playmate and brother to Jake.  He looks up to him so much and loves him dearly. He also loves being a big brother to Sam and is really looking forward to Summer.  Everyday for the last few days he has asked me "Is Summer coming out today?  I am SO excited".  Below are some recent pics of Dylan!

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