April 1, 2010

I mean really?!!

So we are due to leave for Disney the day after tomorrow!!!  So exciting!!  Whats not exciting is that we are all, or almost all getting sick!!  I had a horrible stomach bug with fever all day yesterday!  I was SO sick!  And today (Thursday) Sam and Dylan are running fevers!!  If it is what I had then it is only a 24 hour thing so they should be good by tomorrow but what about Jacob and Jeremy and even my Mom who was over today helping!!  Yikes!!  I really hope they all don't get it on our departure day or there even!!!!!!!!  Please pray for us all-that we all get well for the trip and that no on else gets sick on or before our trip!!!!!  And of course I will post pics and an update after our trip!  Thanks!  -R

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  1. Aww~Sorry to hear that! I pray that everyone stays "sick-free", before and during your trip!!! :)