March 9, 2010

Does is get any better than this??

I have taken this beautiful day and really reflected on my life!  It is WONDERFUL!!  I wonder sometimes does it, can it or will it get any better than this?!!  I am SO blessed and thankful for all that I have.  I have the best, most caring, giving, loving, adventurous and kind parents on the planet!  They are SO good to us and are all around full of awesomeness!  I also have the BEST in-laws anyone could ask for!  They are also very caring, giving, kind and loving!  They supply us with so much love and affection!  The Lord blesses us daily with good health, safety & love in our hearts and I know it is because we live and devote our lives to Him and His glory!   After much thought today, I just felt the need to express how thankful and grateful I am for this life!  I hope to express and show the love I am given everyday with all of you!  God Bless!

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