March 30, 2009

Sam's 3D/4D sonogram!!

So we had our sonogram yesterday (Sunday) and it went great!!!!  We got some great shots of Sam's sweet face, his hands, feet, a major confirmation that he was a boy & she even showed us most of his major internal organs which was way cool and reassuring!!  He did start moving a lot about half way through which then gave the sonographer quite the adventure chasing him around! He ended up (at the end thank goodness) turning towards my spine which then made it nearly impossible for her to get any shots!  I do have to say it was so neat to feel him squirming like always but then to see it happen with my own eyes on a screen!!  It was definitely a blessing to use the technology of today to put a face to a name and a feeling :)  Below are some of the best pics we got!  And I will post a couple from my camera in a bit!

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  1. The sonograms are so nice. It is great that you can actually see the baby unlike the conventional ones. I am so happy for you!