August 23, 2011

Back to School!

So school is back in and the best part of it all..... ROUTINE!!!  Bed at 7:30 and up at 6:00! We have a pretty big year this year.  Dylan started Kindergarten and Jacob took the big step to 3rd grade!!!  We went the week before and met teachers and saw classrooms!  They both have awesome teachers and were so excited for the first day!  Dylan being a Kindergartener got to take a practice ride on the bus the Friday before when the buses do the practice runs!  He loved it and was even more excited for the first day!!  Monday morning came bright and early!  The bus came at 7:07am!  Noni and PaPaw came to see them off and we all stood outside and waved as they rode off for their first day!  Dylan knew exactly where to go because he has been to their school many times to see Jacob.  Jacob is now in the further end of the school... the "upper class" section of the school.  3rd grade is definitely a big step up from 2nd!  A lot more work and a lot more responsibility!  A week has come and gone and we are now moving into the 2nd week!  They are both doing great and are very tired come 7:00 at night!  We have been very proud of them both but especially proud of Dylan because he has had fantastic behavior!  He has received two red tickets which are special and are only handed out when a teacher or someone notices exceptionally good behavior!!  God has blessed them both so far and I pray He continues to do so in their adventures, learning and behavior!!! See pictures below!

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