April 20, 2011

Summer Grace...

So we are moving right along in this pregnancy!  Summer is growing and is healthy!  We go to the perinatologist every 4 weeks for sonograms to check several things with her because of the blood pressure medicine I am on.  Our last one was yesterday.  I am 28 weeks and she was measuring exactly that!  She was measuring 2.13 lbs!  Up a whole pound from just 4 weeks ago!  She is very active and always proves it during every sonogram I have.  My health is doing well too.  I wore a heart monitor for a month and got the results last week. Not ideal and the cardiologist actually wants to change my medicine but I have been feeling great so I convinced her not to in fear that changing my meds will only result in my bp going back up!!  We scheduled my c-section so Lord willing Summer should arrive shortly after 10:30 am on July 5th!!!!!!!  We have a 3D/4D sonogram to see her beautiful face next week and then have my shower next weekend!!  I am so excited to be showered all pink!!!!!!  Her nursery is actually almost all done...haha!  I will post pics soon! Please continue to pray for our health and a safe and happy delivery when the time comes!  See her recent pictures below!

Her profile and arm!  She always has her arms/hands by her face!

Her face... her left eye & mouth are open and you can see her sweet nose!

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