February 2, 2011

Who's Boss...

Man oh man this girl is really showing me who is boss already!!!  This has been a tough pregnancy!!  I try my hardest not to complain because God truly has blessed me again with one of the greatest gifts ever and it does take a toll on a woman's body to build and grow a baby from scratch! I prayed and prayed that it would be God's will for us to have a daughter and I know He wouldn't give me something I can't handle or that He didn't have planned for me!  I had another doc appt today!  Baby girl sounded great but Mommy on the other hand already has high blood pressure!  As most of you know I always battled hypertension in all my pregnancies and have ended up on bedrest with all three of the boys BUT never this early and never till atleast 34 weeks along! I am only 17 weeks and am truly scared to death what this means for the rest of my pregnancy!  The doctor didn't seem too terribly stressed over it and didn't limit my activities or anything but does want to see me in 2 weeks instead of 4 to check it again and he is sending me to the high risk doctors for the pregnancy!  I will keep everyone updated but what matters most is the baby seems healthy and is growing great!  Like I said whatever challenges lay ahead for us and for our family and this pregnancy we can handle!  God is by our side and will guide us through this with love, strength and confidence! Please pray for us though!!!  Oh and last but not least... we decided to name her Summer Grace!

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