February 21, 2011

So Jacob and Dylan left for "our" Florida trip on Sunday!  I say "our" because it was supposed to be me with all three boys but with my recent health issues we decided it best I stay home with Sam!  So they flew with Noni to be with Great-Grandma and Aunt Tess for the week!  I must say I am pretty jealous! They are riding around in Grandma's convertible with the top down and are staying at the Hard Rock hotel swimming in the awesome pool!  I am happy they are getting some good bonding time with family and I am SO grateful that God has blessed them with safety and a great Noni!  Me and Sam so far have just enjoyed each other's company.  I had my high risk appt this morning and had Summer's anatomy scan!  All looks great!!!!!  She is measuring at 13 oz and right on track!  We discussed my medicine and what the second half of this pregnancy will most likely bring.  He pretty much told me to prepare for bedrest in the end as usual! He did assure me that girls are much different than boys in that they aren't typically born with as many breathing issues as boys and that she could be born as early as 35 weeks and be ok and not in the NICU.  But we will see.  No reason to stress over it now!  I did finally hire a maid and am looking into a part time Nanny/Mommy's Helper so I will be fully prepared if I do get put on bedrest again!  For the next 20 weeks were just taking it day by day and relying on God to get us through.  He is our power, our strength, our force and our shield!  Below are some of Summer's 20 weeks pictures!

                      Side shot of profile and her knee bent with her foot pressed up against the side.

Her beautiful profile

She definitely a GIRL!

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